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    I am passing form data between pages. The form data is simply registration information. This information will eventually be stored in a database. Which methods would you recommend using for this purpose? Perhaps a combination of application, session, and cookies?<BR><BR>Please help. ASP/Programmer new comer in need of guidance.

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    There are many solutions. I tend to stay away from sessions/applications as much as possible.<BR><BR>1st solution) Write to database each step.<BR><BR>2nd) pass the stuff from the previous page to hidden fields on the next.<BR>response.write "&#060;input type=hidden name=yourname value=" & request.form("yourfield") & "&#062;"<BR>In this case, if the data in "yourfield" is a string with space characters, make sure to put: value=" & chr(34) & request.form("yourfield") & chr(34) & "&#062;" . chr(34) is the code for " (double quote).<BR><BR>3rd) Pass the data with hidden fields totally on the client side using javascript and a dummy frame. Not recommended for the faint of heart, but in my opinion this is the best way.

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