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    I need some help with a problem I&#039m having. I have a table in a database. That table contains information like first name, last name and so on. <BR><BR>What I&#039ve done is that I&#039ve listed the firs and last name of all the people in the table. Now comes the problem, I want to be able to click on one of the names and go to a new page where I can get more information. I know I could do this by placing a button on each line, but that is not the solution I&#039m looking for, I want to be able to just click on the name.<BR><BR>Can anyone help me?<BR><BR>Munti

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    Hey Dude<BR><BR>When every u writing the First Name, Add this <BR>Response.write <BR>"&#060;A Href=Details.asp?Name="& rs.fields("Firstname")&"&#062;"& rs.fields("Firstname")&"&#060;/A&#062;"<BR><BR>This String will pass the FirstName To the Details page<BR>and in the Details page<BR>On the First line <BR>REceviedName = Request.querrystring("Name")<BR><BR>So Depending on this ReceivedName Data For the SQL String and Show the Details<BR><BR><BR>

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