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    Default Simple - Virtual Directory!??

    i may sound stupid, but how do I create a virtual directory, on PWS and IIS?<BR>thanks a lot!!!

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    Default RE: its very very simple in PWS

    hi turar,<BR> If your server is PWS:<BR> 1. Click on the Publish Icon or Personal Web Manager(which is in the Pragrams menu bar-&#062;Microsoft Personal Webserver or Double click the Personal Web Server icon which appears in the system menu which is just left to the System time)<BR> 2. In this Personal Web Manager click onthe Advanced Button,Select (highlight)the Home root, and click onthe Add Button.<BR> 3. Then enter the physical path of the directory to which u want to make virtual path by entering directly inthe Directory textbox or by clicking on the Browse button.<BR> 4. And then type the virtual directory name in the Alias textbox, and choose the permissions to that virtual directory access read,execute,scripts.<BR> 5. thats all click ont he Ok Button, finished creating the Virtual directory<BR> <BR> Hope u can do it easily<BR> Kittu<BR>

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