Hi,<BR><BR>I need a VBscript or ADSI or WSH script so that I can programmatically join a standalone Windows2000 Server machine to an existing NT Primary Domain Controller. <BR><BR>A little background: The Win2K server is running a IIS web site for our<BR>web application. As part of the application, the user has two choices. The<BR>user can be content with the standalone Win2K server or join the server to<BR>an existing NT domain controller (PDC) at the site.<BR><BR>I have to provide for a web based interface where this user can enter the<BR>name or IP address of this PDC. Then the user will click a button on the<BR>web page and the Win2K server will join the PDC. <BR><BR>We will instruct the user that Win2K on which the IIS is running needs<BR>reboot after this. I will handle this later. But I need a script which I<BR>can invoke from a ASP page to do the above.<BR><BR>Please help.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance, <BR>Sunit<BR>skatkar@cisco.com