I want to display the contents of a text file in webserver which changes every day based on the result from the database in the client browser in sequential way.<BR>The contents of the first three lines should come in the client browser first . Then after some delay next three lines should come exactly in same position in the same session, till the end of the session.<BR>I should able to do position the outputs exactly in the browser how to do it using ASP.<BR>I want to send automatic mails to some mail IDs from the database based on the date. The mails should be initiated without any user events only based on time ie at 00hrs of each day mails should go to the mail IDs which are extracted from the database by some query. <BR>How to detect the time event of 00hrs. Is memory resident program is required for this purpose.Plase do sent your valuable suggestions. to bijuthomas@eth.net<BR>