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    this is a very simple question<BR><BR>i am trying to show a table of values from a database.<BR>If the field in the database is blank, then the cell in that table is "none".<BR><BR>this is my code:<BR> if rs_List("Designation") = "" then<BR> response.write("None")<BR> else<BR> response.write(rs_List("Designation") <BR> end if<BR><BR>but is not working and i wonder if the blank value is something else.<BR>

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    If the db gets updated sometimes the field, even though there doesn&#039t seem to be anything in it can be greater than nothing.<BR><BR>You might try soemthing like this:<BR><BR>If len (Designation) &#062; 0 then<BR>response.write("None")<BR>else<BR>response .write(rs_List("Designation") <BR>end if<BR><BR>Hope that helps

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    thanx a lot ^ ^

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