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    I am creating an E-mail using CDO and I use these lines"<BR><BR>....<BR>message = message & ""<BR>....<BR>mail.Body = message & objemails("email")<BR>....<BR><BR>This creates a link for people to delete their name from the mail list. The only problem is the link gets wrapped to a second line in the e-mail message. And everything on the second line doesn&#039t appear on the link when clicked.<BR><BR>(i.e.<BR>http://www......delete.asp?email=email@yo<BR> <BR><BR>the "" doesnt go to the link so it tries to delete "email@yo" from the database ... which obviously isn&#039t there.<BR><BR>Any ideas on how to stop this?<BR><BR>- Thanks<BR>- Nathan Masek

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    Default Isn't this a great problem?

    I know your pain, I had the same problem. The only solution I found was to format the email in HTML and then surround the email address with &#060;nobr&#062;&#060;/nobr&#062; tags.

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