Creating an ASP Chatroom. - HELP!!

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Thread: Creating an ASP Chatroom. - HELP!!

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    Thex3 Guest

    Default Creating an ASP Chatroom. - HELP!!

    FYI: I posted this message yesterday in the database section by accident, so if there are those out there that are mad at me for this I apologize.<BR><BR>Now with the questions:<BR><BR>Hi guys <BR><BR>Wondering if there is anywhere in which I can find info on how to program your own chat room? I&#039m looking to allow multiple users, login security, mutiple persons in chat, multiple chat rooms, message board, etc. The whole works. Can anyone direct me in the right direction? I&#039m lost. HELP!

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    Somy Guest

    Default See "ASP unleashed 2.0"

    See "ASP unleashed 2.0" book its there with all the codes

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    Thex3 Guest

    Default Thanks

    Thanks for that. I&#039ll check it out.<BR><BR>Cheers

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