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    What are the options when trying to connect with a dsn less connection to a database with a server path of :<BR><BR>f:inetpubservername.comdatabasefile.mdb<B R><BR>Can this be done with that type of foldername in the path, and if not, what other syntax can be used?<BR><BR>Is there a decent reason as to why server.com is part of the hosts server directory setup??<BR><BR>TIA

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    I have just tested using a dsn-less connection to a database in a folder called data.com and it works fine. As for a decent reason, it is probably a security issue to stop remote users being able to gain access to any database files in that folder.<BR>Try this<BR>1) Create an Access database in say c:intepubmyappdata<BR>2) In your browser enter the url to the database<BR><BR>You will be promted to either open it from it&#039s current location or save it to disk.<BR><BR>If you now rename the folder to data.com and try again, you will get an Http server error and can&#039t download the database.<BR><BR>Note: I have only tested this with ie5 and PWS so it may not be the case for all browsers/web servers.

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