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    bgates Guest

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    How can I get my web site to show up when I search for it&#039s title using Yahoo?

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    Anil Tumati Guest

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    Hey,<BR><BR>Add This Code in your Index Page <BR>Write as many content words that can be refered in you web site<BR><BR>&#060;meta name="keywords" content="MyLife, Personal, Resume, CV, Bio-Data,degree,find, <BR>info tech, information technology, internet, job, search"&#062;<BR>&#060;meta name="description" content="This is My Personal Web Site."&#062;<BR><BR>The Search Engine Generally Searched for this type of Megatags

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    Also search engines such as yahoo have a place to submit your site for their webspider to go crawl around(hehe).<BR>Here is yahoo&#039s<BR>Enjoy!<BR><BR>-Chad

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