I&#039m trying to insert a new record into a table by manipulating the recordset on an asp page. The table temptable update, but not with the actual value, it only contain the variable resultvalue(contains the value that i&#039m passing). I have the recordset open as adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic, adCmdText. <BR><BR>Can anybody help?? How come the web page doesn&#039t display the recordset that is passed to the grid??<BR><BR>Set temprs = newado.GetAdoRecordset("DSN=dnsaccess", "Select * From temptable") <BR>temprs.AddNew <BR>temprs("Local_RTP") = resultvalue <BR>temprs.Update <BR>&#039displaying the msgbox code below does display the value<BR>&#039msgbox temprs("Local_RTP")<BR>&#039the new record is not added and the grid only display the <BR>&#039field names <BR>Gridocx1.SetExternalRecordset temprs <BR>