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    One of my functions in C++ component, take four parameters out of which two or output parameters. When I use the following code in VBScript I am getting back the values from Component, while the same code in JScript does not give me the Values.<BR>VBSCRIPT<BR>Dim expdate,balance<BR>TesHelper.getFeaturePrice "testjb1","Schedule",balance,expdate<BR>I am getting the balance as 5.<BR>JSCRIPT<BR>var expdate,balance;<BR>TesHelper.getFeaturePrice("tes tjb1","Schedule",balance,expdate);<BR>I am getting balance as undefined.<BR>I intialized balance to 0, then I got 0 after this function call<BR>How do send parameters by reference to function?<BR>Could anybody explain, how to get back the parameters from functions written in C++.<BR>Thanks in adavance.<BR>Rao<BR>

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    JScript sends everything by reference, by default. Since i don&#039t know what the component is doing, i can&#039t really say more.<BR><BR>j

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