I am an ASP programmer($20/hr).I work as part time for company based in Los angeles that develop websites for big clients.(like the WB,...check it out www.apolloi.com).I am going to school so i can&#039t work full time because of the work hours( not 24hr). I have lots free time at home, i just need some extra money, so my fees are very convenient, i do the same work that a big company would do but it&#039d charge a fortune. i have done work before after i put my name here. I could give you the person&#039s email if you want to check. <BR>Here is some the site i have worked on before: <BR>pleasemom.com;toyfan.com;finalcast.com;erotict oy.com. and right now i am working on lots of sites where i work. <BR>Email me at ashraf_r@hotmail.com.