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    Scott Scriver Guest

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    ASPer&#039s:<BR><BR>I am new to this board as of today. I am normally on the ASP101 boards, and still will continue to monitor them as well.<BR><BR>I consider myself an advanced ASP/SQL Server developer, although I do not claim to know everything. I am, however, excellent in finding the resources necessary to complete a project. I have been programming since VB3 and have been programming internet/intranet sites since 1996.<BR><BR>My advice to people just breaking into ASP: If you know VB, you will do just fine, if you don&#039t -- GET A BOOK ON ASP!!<BR><BR>I have seen several beginners on this board where a professional will answer the question correctly, however, since the person is so new to ASP and doesn&#039t understand some of the terminology, the person is even more confused. This will only make things worse. I am a self-taught programmer myself, but I didn&#039t do it without a book or two and I certainly didn&#039t do it without the help of professionals like the ones you will find on these boards. So, if you want to save yourself from hours of frustration, I highly suggest picking up a few books on ASP.<BR><BR>I have already helped several people on this board and I look forward to helping more!<BR><BR>If you ever need to contact me, I can be reached at scott_scriver@hotmail.com.<BR><BR>Happy Holidays!<BR><BR>Scott Scriver<BR>

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    Default and HELLO to you too

    well what do i say....welcome to the family...uhhh...errr...board......hope you can answer a lot of our questions

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    I personally like ASP101.com, i learnt alot from that site.Lately i found this site and board which are real good for any web developers.

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    I am more than glad and welcome aboard.I have quick question.<BR>User enters some value in text box.I want to capture that value and send as a parameter to the stored procedure to get the next list box populated.<BR>I am able get the value on client side by using document.form.txt1.value,but how to pass that value to the command object which uses append parameter .<BR><BR>Waiting for your reponse.

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    Scott Scriver Guest

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    Your question was already answered:<BR><BR>http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/asp.asp?M=134967&F=20&P=1<BR><BR>Scott<BR>

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default The more the merrier


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