We are designing an ASP app for looking up customer records when they call into the company. We retreive the record in XML from SQL server. Then using XSLT the usr clicks on the record that matches the person calling. <BR><BR>PROBLEM: What is the BEST practice (i.e. non session variables) to keep that XML record and the answers to questions asked while going from ASP page to ASP page. (In other words, we searched for the person, then want that same record to go to the page QUESTION.ASP, then the answer of that question AND the original record.)<BR><BR>One of our thoughts was to use an included ASP page (common.ASP) in our navigation frame that remains static. Can you access the same ASP page instance (COMMON.ASP) even though we change ASP pages in one frame? So, question1.asp, question2.asp etc... would all just POST/REQUEST from COMMON.ASP that is in a frame that does not change? <BR><BR>It is a small XML doc.