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    I need my web app to access a folder on another server but I continually get a Path Not Found error. Virtual path on mappath won&#039t work since the folder resides on another machine. Here&#039s what I have:<BR>folderspec ="\NtothermachineVfolderfolder\"<BR>Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR>Set fsfolder = fso.GetFolder(folderspec) &#039 bombs right here<BR><BR>I&#039ve tried making the UNC a physical path ("J:Vfolderfolder\") but this failed as well. I&#039m running NT4 Workstation w/Interdev which writes to the main server. Any ideas?<BR>

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    Scott Scriver Guest

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    Try instantiating the drives object first (use a physical path), then do your folder object.<BR><BR>Scott<BR>

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    fso cannot access remote files, u need to have permission on another server then u can map a network drive to ur machine to access those files.

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    PratQ Guest

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    Well, you are right that you need to use the UNC name. However, I am assuming you are using "Vfolder" to indicate a virtual folder created by IIS. This "Vfolder" actually needs to be a file share created on the other machine. So more appropriately, it should be called "Sfolder". <BR><BR>In addition, you need to set permissions for the web server&#039s IUSR account to access the networked machines file share. Instructions to do this are below:<BR><BR>(Please let us know if you get it working)<BR><BR>------------------------------<BR><BR><BR><BR>In order to access files via a file share that exists on another machine, the IUSR account MUST be replicated on each server that will be hosting an ICMSDocs fileshare. This fileshare will be on the same server that is hosting the database for any given client.<BR><BR>Web Server Configuration:<BR><BR>User Manager:<BR> Set the IUSR account password manually<BR><BR><BR>IIS Admin:<BR> For the Anonymous Account Security Setup:<BR> Set Password Synchronization OFF<BR> Set IUSR Password manually (to the same PW used above)<BR><BR><BR><BR>File Share Machine<BR><BR> User Manager:<BR> Create the IUSR_webserver account (make sure the IUSR is the webserver IUSR)<BR> Set password manually<BR><BR> File Share Setup:<BR> Root File share name : MyFileShare<BR> IUSR will need to have appropriate rights to all files and directories within MyFileShare<BR><BR>

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