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    Hi,<BR><BR>Thru a query I am getting a recordset with some records. I want to display only specific no. of records(depends on the input var).The code is something like:<BR><BR>while not rs1.EOF <BR>if i&#060;=j then<BR><BR>else<BR><BR>end if<BR>wend<BR><BR>my problem is after i and j are equal I want to get out of the loop. I tried using rs1.movelast after else but sometimes it takes a lot of time. Is there something in asp which I can use so that the control goes after wend statement<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Archna

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    Try<BR>while i&#060;j and not rs.eof<BR>wend

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    use<BR><BR>Do while not rs.eof<BR>if x&#060;=y then<BR>Exit Do<BR>else<BR>....<BR>end if<BR>loop<BR>

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