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    Hi <BR> i was wondering if this is a good idea (or possible) to do this in web.if the user starts filling <BR>in data and closes the browser without submitting the form, the browser should prompt the user "do you <BR>wnat to save the changes".now this is something out of client/server environment.i can&#039t imagine this <BR>in web,can anyone?. <BR><BR>any ideas how to do it?.any comment or any article that is out there is welcome.thanks a lot. <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>

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    If you place a hidden field on your form, you can set it&#039s value to True whenever data is entered in a field. Then in the body tag of your page call a function.<BR>e.g.<BR><BR>&#060;body onbeforeunload="CheckDirty()"&#062;<BR><BR>The CheckDirty() function can then check to see if the hidden field is set to true and call window.event.returnvalue with a suitable message to ask the user if they really want to abandon the changes they have made.

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