DLL works in VB but not in ASP Page Why ?

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Thread: DLL works in VB but not in ASP Page Why ?

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    Srivathsan Kris Guest

    Default DLL works in VB but not in ASP Page Why ?

    Hi All<BR><BR>I have created a DLL component using VB6 . In that i have a public function which returns me a XML document(MSXML2.DomDocument.3.0). When i use this DLL in another VB Project as reference the stuff works .<BR><BR>In ASP page i have created a XML object and the object of the DLL like this.<BR><BR>set source = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument.3.0")<BR>s et TrialCOM=server.CreateObject("Easy.ContentAccess") <BR><BR>the DLL File --&#062;Easy has got a method which returns a XML document<BR><BR>set source=TrialCOM.getContents(11,11)<BR><BR>At this point i get a Error...<BR><BR>It says Error<BR><BR>Easy error &#039 8007052e&#039 <BR><BR>Method &#039~&#039 of object &#039~&#039 failed <BR><BR>Why does this happen so ?<BR><BR>It would be very great if u can mail me at srivats@sulekha.net<BR><BR>Thanks in advance. <BR>Srivathsan Kris

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    Default RE: DLL works in VB but not in ASP Page Why ?

    Here&#039s a start:<BR><BR>http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q255/9/86.ASP<BR><BR>Also go to www.deja.com and type the error message into the search facility. If no luck there try the next search engine. I know it&#039s maybe a lot quicker to just ask someone but by having a look yourself you&#039ll find a lot more information than you imagined. I got 6835 search results, some of it&#039s bound to be useful!!!!...well you&#039d hope so anyway.<BR><BR>Good luck

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    Srivathsan Kris Guest

    Default RE: DLL works in VB but not in ASP Page Why ?

    Hi James<BR><BR>Thanks a lot. Yes john u are right ! I had a look at the article and learnt something today. <BR><BR>I went to http://support.microsoft.com and searched for the error number and it didnt return me anything. I gus i need to learn how to make use of the search that they have provided. A lot of options .. BTW in deja also i searched with the number and it returned only 2 results. Can i know where u got 6835 Search results. <BR><BR>Thanks in Advance<BR><BR>Srivathsan

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