Hi All<BR><BR>I have created a DLL component using VB6 . In that i have a public function which returns me a XML document(MSXML2.DomDocument.3.0). When i use this DLL in another VB Project as reference the stuff works .<BR><BR>In ASP page i have created a XML object and the object of the DLL like this.<BR><BR>set source = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument.3.0")<BR>s et TrialCOM=server.CreateObject("Easy.ContentAccess") <BR><BR>the DLL File --&#062;Easy has got a method which returns a XML document<BR><BR>set source=TrialCOM.getContents(11,11)<BR><BR>At this point i get a Error...<BR><BR>It says Error<BR><BR>Easy error &#039 8007052e&#039 <BR><BR>Method &#039~&#039 of object &#039~&#039 failed <BR><BR>Why does this happen so ?<BR><BR>It would be very great if u can mail me at srivats@sulekha.net<BR><BR>Thanks in advance. <BR>Srivathsan Kris