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    Okay...here&#039s the scoop:<BR><BR>There is a curriculum conference for which our school district wants to have online registration. So my boss decides that the project should be given to me. Good with static HTML; beginner with ASP; given job of webmaster by default (no one else has experience or desire). Anyway, enough whining...<BR><BR>What I want to do is have the user login using the last six digits of their SSN. If the user has previously logged in, they will be redirected to the edit page...I&#039ll deal with that issue later. If they haven&#039t logged in, they are redirected to a registration page. Once they register (ssn, firstname, lastname, school, and gradelevel), the information is posted to a database via a form along with the hidden elements of sessions 1, 2, & 3 (0)and the datesubmitted. So far, NP. All of this stuff works.<BR><BR>After they register, the SSN is passed to the first session&#039s page. What happens from here is a scroll menu is populated showing all of the available 1st session events...again NP. I have it where it is showing the first session courses. Anyway, on to the problems.<BR><BR>Problem 1: On mouse click, I want the event description, presenter, room number, etc. to appear. I have all of this info in an Access database table already. I can&#039t figure out how to get the popup menu to appear on mouse click with the information and the option to register for the event. <BR><BR>Problem 2: Once they select the event they want to register for, I want it to subtract from the maximum number of participants and the event to no longer populate itself in the dropdown menu when that "counter" reaches zero (not a big problem -- I can probably figure it out if I take care of problem one).<BR><BR>Problem 3: The sessions vary in length: some only encompass one session, some two, some all three sessions. What I want to have happen is this: once they select the first session, I want to repopulate the same scroll menu with the next session&#039s information and so on until all of the sessions have been selected. I don&#039t want them to be forwarded to another page because I don&#039t want them to be able to screwup the class counts.<BR><BR>Anyway, I know it&#039s a bunch of stuff to throw out there, but please help me...I want to be able to do this thing right and will be glad to post the final results code to this or any other website so that if anyone else gets stuck with a project like this, they&#039ll have a solution.<BR><BR>Thanks for any contributions...

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    Hmm<BR><BR>In an icky way, here is the popup menu, it calls an asp page to handle a small function. just call it from onclick, you can pass vars to it as well.<BR><BR>function posttattoo()<BR> {<BR> mywin = window.open("../residentinformation/personal/addtattooform.asp","WIN","Status=no,scrollbars=yes ,location=no,width=350,height=220,left=300,top=200 ")<BR> opener = parent.window<BR> mywin.location.href = "../residentinformation/personal/addtattooform.asp"<BR> mywin.focus(); <BR> }<BR><BR>Next part, are you talking about dependent lists? I am in a hurry, but aspfree.com should have something on that, and so does 4guysfromrolla.com, you will be using javascript, and converting serverside code to clientside arrays.<BR><BR>there is a start<BR><BR>the popup window part...www.irt.org

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