I apologize in advance if I&#039m asking this question in the wrong forum. Along with the Site Server newsgroups, I&#039m also checking ASP forums for any possible info.<BR><BR>I&#039m working with Site Server 3 for the first time, and I&#039m looking for information about the Search tool. My company&#039s site has a Site Server search engine that isn&#039t good at finding results on one or two keywords. You usually need a boolean search with a few search terms. And even then, it returns a bunch of results that only vaguely relate to the search terms.<BR><BR>My task is to configure the Search tool so that it only crawls through specific subdirectories. One of the things I can&#039t figure out is how to get it to focus on files instead of URL&#039s. I&#039ve been putzing around with site rules when I build catalogs, but it seems like there&#039s more of a focus on avoiding URL&#039s than on files.<BR><BR>Any information, or direction for further information, is appreciated.