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    Default Just be a Gal

    I think I&#039ve figured out how to get help around here. Just use a girls name.

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    Default RE: Just be a Gal

    Doesn&#039t seem to be working for me, though...

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    Default Nope...you have to doa couple more things

    be cute if not Drop Dead Gorgeous <BR><BR>AND <BR><BR>Mail us your pic and visit us soon <BR><BR>jk<BR><BR>sorry maybe we overlooked your post OR we had no idea as to how to solve your problem.<BR><BR>Please tell us where your post is and we could look at it again

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    Default Who r u?

    Are u Clint?

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    Default BS

    Perhaps no one knew the answer to your question. I&#039ve received tons of help here. But now that you mention it I have had a few go unanswered that I thought someone should know. Hmmmmm maybe there is something to this after all. Maybe I&#039ll try posting as Dougatha.

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    More of someone just wanting some attention. <BR>Myself I admit that I don&#039t post back as much as I should and take more than I give. But thats because I&#039m still learning. And if my post goes un-answred I sometimes re-post it and word it different. As I know I confuse myself a lot.

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