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    Hey, I&#039m new at all this COM stuff. I took over for a fellow and was trying to move things between computers. I registred the dll, which was a COM dll created in Java, on the new server like I always do (regsrv32...) but no dice yet.<BR>Is there anything else you have to do with a COM dll than a regular dll.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Not much of an answer, but: No, you don&#039t have to do anything special. at least, not from my point of view (as a COM-developer). Are you sure that you have sufficient rights to register the component? and make sure to compile it in a way that windows understands (which shouldn&#039t be a prob. if you compile a COM-object with Java).<BR><BR>From what i can see, you aren&#039t doing anything wrong. You&#039ll have to install it with RegSrv32....obviously, the problem is caused by something external.

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