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    I have one db connection with an sql statement:<BR>SELECT name,employee_number,phone<BR>FROM table_name<BR>WHERE phone = 1234<BR>ORDER BY name<BR><BR>Then I have another db connection with an sql statement like:<BR>SELECT employee_number, course_date<BR>FROM another_table_name<BR>***(and here&#039s my problem... I&#039m trying to reference all of the above RecordSet data within this query...)***<BR>WHERE employee_number = rs1("employee_number")<BR><BR>The employee_number just happens to be a text field, not strictly numeric (I.e. A12345)<BR><BR>Do I need an array ? If so, how do I reference it in the 2nd RecordSet query? Can I make a "list" of the 1st RecordSet&#039s data, then somehow reference it in the 2nd Recordset?<BR><BR>Any help is GREATLY Appreciated and needed ! Thanks !

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    Try...<BR><BR>"...WHERE employee_number = &#039" & rs1(employee_number) & "&#039 "<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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