I need to get the accountStatus out of a membership database using SiteServer, and I can&#039t figure out how to get someone other than the person who is logged on&#039s status. Is it possible, while logged on as one member, to get the account status of another user?<BR><BR>I assume this would be using get() but I&#039m not quite sure of the syntax... Any help would be MUCH appreciated!<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>&#039On Error Resume Next <BR><BR>Dim objMemInfo<BR>Dim objAUO<BR>Dim objIADs<BR>Dim objLDAP<BR>Dim strAccountStatus<BR> <BR> Set objAUO = Server.CreateObject("Membership.UserObjects.1")<BR > <BR> REM Error handling<BR> if err.Number &#060;&#062; 0 then<BR> Response.Write err.Number & "<BR>" & Err.description<BR> Response.end<BR>end if <BR><BR>straccountStatus = 1<BR>objAUO.put "accountStatus", CStr(straccountStatus)<BR>objAUO.SetInfo ()