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    I have a form that is based on 1 table and the user can delete the info on this form. The thing is I still want the info to be stored in the db, but the user won&#039t be able to see it. Should I add an extra field in my db called permissions and have it set either on 1 or 2 and then have an if then statement and when the user views the info he or she would only see the info for all the 1&#039s.<BR>I&#039ve also been told to just use an update table.???<BR> Set Status = False<BR>to make the record inactive. But I&#039ve never used this before. Thanks for reading this. <BR><BR>dave

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    These approaches are doing the same thing. In Update Mytable Set Status = False, you need to add a field called Status with type Boolean. Exactly the same thing as the other suggestion

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