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    Hi!!<BR>I have a probleb, i need pass 3 objects from an ASP page to another with all the information that they has!!<BR> how can made this!<BR> thanks

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    Good luck,<BR><BR>to my knowledge there is no good way to do this,<BR><BR>convert to arrays and then pass those. <BR><BR>if i understand your question correctly, of course<BR>I might not have the right answer.

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    Default EASY...

    put into a session variable and pass it BUT this will KILL the performance on your site unless there are not going to be more than 2 to 5 people accessing this site<BR><BR>ALWAYS create the object on that page and kill it there itself then if you need it again in the next page pass the values/parameters to tha page and open the object again

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    Or you could use cookies to stuff all the values you wanna pass to the next page.

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