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    YLS Guest

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    hi, i have this problem. when a company is registered, todays date is captured. Now, an email is sent to the company email address every month. <BR>1) how to let my system auto-run and semd the email before 2 days the date due is up?<BR>2) how to code to make sure that every month, an email is sent?

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    If you&#039re using SQL Server, set up a JOB to run every night or so... in the job execute a query that looks for date + 2... use SQL Mail to send out the notice.

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    yls Guest

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    if not using sql server??<BR><BR>i hope to get a solution that is independent of the database server, i know that i am looking some ways in the line of wsh.. but i need more guidance

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