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    I&#039ve been working on this site, we&#039ve almost sold a license (copy) of it for $10,000. The price varies for the number of administrative users. We want to limit the number of administrators then charge for each additional. However, the site will be installed at the purchaser&#039s location. They will have all the asp code, and the sql database. How can I limit the number of users added to a database without them having access or being able to change it. I can&#039t think of a way, because they will have access to everything. We&#039ve pondered the thought of linking to a .dll or a table on our site so we can monitor this. I don&#039t know what to do.<BR><BR>Cuervo

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    Hmm,<BR><BR>Interesting deal, I am currently writing resaleable software, and there is no real good way to do this that is obvious to me.<BR><BR>I suppose you could limit the number of login names/passwords if that is required. Then use an application array to track session on/end start logins and to ensure that a user hasn&#039t been logged in twice. <BR><BR>Tons of possibilities, but there is always a workaround. <BR><BR>Interesting...

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    Cuervo...<BR><BR>I think you answered your own question (.dll). If your code is bug free now you can convert your Application to COM. Each page would be a Class. After you have compiled it you can deploy it on the server it will be running on and since it is an .exe they will not have access to to your source code.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Rob

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    also itll run a lot faster if you do this and look a lot more proffessional too.

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