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    Ravi Kanth S Guest

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    I heard some where that we can display a vertical line in a page<BR>like the Horizontal line displayed using &#060;HR&#062; ....<BR>Any Idea?..... Please let me know?<BR><BR>Thank You<BR>RaviKanth S

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    Dont think there is one. <BR><BR>What you could do is create a vertical line as an image and then use that.

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    Kasper Guest

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    There is a way to do it without using a picture. <BR><BR>the horizontal rule tag allows you to use the noshade property (which works in IE, don&#039t think so in NS, but not sure)<BR><BR>so : &#060; hr noshade &#062; (added spaces for forum parsing)<BR><BR>(some sources say that this is deprecated in HTML4.0 but what the hey...)

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    Kevitt Guest

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    People have their own preferred methods.<BR>I like to use a 4x4 pixel gif and then set the width & height tags to whatever I need to create the vertical line.<BR><BR>Placement can be accomplished via tables or CSS if necessary.

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    Ravi Kanth S Guest

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    I tried it but its not working<BR>Hope We will get one<BR>Thank You for the reply...<BR><BR>Happy Programming and wish You a very happy and successful New year

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