I have an MS Access database of entries with data and a priority level (1 to 5). <BR><BR>What would be the most efficient way to retrieve a random entry on every page view ?<BR><BR>I was thinking of generating a random number from 1 to 100:<BR>1-55: show priority 1<BR>55-80: show priority 2<BR>80-92: show priority 3<BR>92-98: show priority 4<BR>98-100: show priority 5<BR><BR>I would then generate an SQL query: <BR>strSQL = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE iPriority=" & iPriority ";"<BR><BR>Count the number of entries using a loop with objRec.MoveNext.<BR>Generate a random number from 0 to iNumberOfEntries-1 and use the objRec.Move function to retrieve its information.<BR><BR><BR>Anyone have any comments or suggestions ?