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    Tony Guest

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    Hola folks!<BR><BR>The powers that be want our intranet set up so that when a user logs in, they will be connected for X hours (I think they want users to be able to log in for a full eight-hour work day). When a user logs in, a few session variables track the user name, access level, etc. etc.<BR><BR>I&#039ve got it set up in the IIS manager that connections last for 28,800 seconds, and I&#039ve got this set up in the global.asa file for our database connection as well. However, a user&#039s session times out after just 15-20 minutes, forcing them to re-log-in. My supervisor has INSISTED that they shouldn&#039t have to log in more than once. Where do I look to keep my session variables from expiring before they are supposed to?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!<BR>Tony

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    read about the session object<BR><BR>session.expires = 400<BR>(it is something like that)

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    Tony Guest

    Default Thanks! <eop>

    I wasn&#039t aware of the session.timeout command, appreciate it!

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