I have 3 stored procs that I want to execute from a new stored proc i need to create.<BR>I want to create the following storedproc.<BR><BR><BR>If selects c6, c7, c14, c25 from currenttable where c14 = "y"<BR>while not eof<BR> execute sp_validusers c25, c6<BR> if return value progress =1 then<BR> execute sp_getinfo c6<BR> execute sp_upcount pid, uid<BR> end<BR> next<BR><BR>Questions<BR>a)In a storedproc will while not eof work? or how do i keep it looping through records?<BR>b)Will the first select pass the current variables to the next storedproc &#039sp_validusers&#039?<BR>c)Is that the correct way to pass each variable as it loops?<BR>d)I get a return value from sp_validusers as progress = to 1 or 0. 1 is successful so I want to call the<BR>next storedproc spgetinfo. Will that work?<BR>e)sp_getinfo selects pid and uid which is passed to sp_upcount, will the code above work?<BR><BR>Please help and if you have a question reach me at aspmailbox@yahoo.com.