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    Hi!<BR>I am writing an application where the user is supposed to log in first. Whenever there is a successful login I set cookies in that page say file1, it redirects them to File2. File2 first checks the existance of cookies and if they do exist, they can carry on. When they log out the cookies are destroyed. <BR>The problem is if the user types in the url for File2 after they have logged out. They should not get access to that page since they have logged out and the cookies are empty, but, IE somehow stores the value of the cookies in memory and they get access. This does not happen in Netscape.<BR>I have checked the cookies folder and its empty the moment the cookie is destroyed.<BR>I used the code below destroy the cookie<BR>&#060;% Response.cookies("val").Expires=date - 1000%&#062;<BR><BR>If anyone knows the fix to this problem Please let me know.<BR><BR>Thank you.

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    Since you are setting cookies, why not just use session variables? This way you can control the state of the temporary cookie without concerning yourself with IE cacheing policies.<BR><BR>bart

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