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    Default Cool Menu in ASP?

    Our webpage I&#039m building has a cool menu using DHTML and Java which follows you along the page if you scroll down, however, when it gets to a form with drop-down or text boxes, the form objects over-ride the menu objects so when you click on a sub-menu, it gets partially hidden underneath a text box or drop-down box.<BR><BR>Is there any cool menu&#039s written in ASP which allows sub-menu&#039s which will not bleed into form objects, but will always be on top, instead?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jeff Kovach

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    Default nothing to do with ASP

    ASP is processed on the server, so won&#039t affect your dHTML menu at all.<BR><BR>the problem with form elements is a known issue, and there&#039s no way round it, i&#039m afraid.<BR><BR>j

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    Default free menu

    check out the free drop-down menu available at it is very good. works with ie and netscape. don&#039t touch the code, just learn to modify the arrays

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