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    Hello all<BR>....<BR>i hv some problem...<BR>i wanna to hv Spliing a text in SQL ...not in VB...<BR>if any one some idea plz let me know .....<BR><BR>thanks<BR>Muhammad Shahbaz<BR>

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    Default Your db needs to be re-designed

    When designing a database you should not design fields that hold more than one piece of information.<BR><BR>E.g. If you have a field called [Description] contains the text "Dog, male, large brown", then you should have made three fields. You could have a combination of string functions (left, mid, right, search, etc) that could be successfully used to split the contents via the commas, but it would be hard work. <BR><BR>On the other hand if your had designed the table above with three separate fields, you could very easily write a query to join them.<BR><BR>So the moral is that if you find the need to split a field, then you should have had separate fields.

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