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    cheril Guest

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    When I use an array with the size defined as a variable i get an error like <BR>Expected integer constant <BR>dim check1(x)<BR>-----------^<BR>for the part of code written below<BR><BR>dim x<BR>x=ubound(array)<BR>dim check1(x)<BR>Now when I use dim check1(11) it works but when a variable is<BR>defined it gives the above error.<BR>Ofcourse I have defined the array named "array" & it works fine<BR>so ubound of array will give me 11 so x must be equal to 11 & hence instead of writing 11 I want to write x as this value is dynamic.<BR>Please can anyone help.<BR>Thanx

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    J Guest

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    try this:<BR><BR>dim aryCheck(), x, aryArray<BR><BR>x = UBound(aryArray)<BR><BR>redim aryCheck(x)<BR><BR>

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