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    Hello, I just upgraded Windows 98 to Windows 2000 Professional at home and am wondering if I can still use PWS. Nothing happens when I try to run it. Or can I use IIS, and if so, where do I begin? It&#039s supposedly installed but when I went looking for it in MMC, the computer froze. The Windows documentation only refers to a document on "localhost" which doesn&#039t exist. Any help is appreciated!

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    Patrick [again] Guest

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    Well, I&#039ve installed every component available on the CD for IIS, and was able to go into MMC as Administrator, but the service does not start. I get a message like "The service has not responded after an excessive amount of time". I can&#039t find any documentation on how to install IIS other than .asp pages that need the web server running to view them... I understand that IIS is meant to run on Win2000 Server, but if I am running Win2000 Professional, how can I test my ASP pages? Thanks for any help!<BR>

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    LauMars Guest

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    it does work on the pro version of win2k, however, it does have varios restrictions, like only 1 domain per machine. I am running w/o a problem, but i did have problems with the viewing of asp pages an a previous install. If it is essesial that pws works in win2k then i can only suggest a reinstall becuse it sounds like a dodgy software setup as opposed to a ms "feature"

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