I got one page using SSL share certificate server.<BR><BR>my SSL secure page is https://secure.server.com/thank.asp<BR><BR>my database under http://www.brabra.com(\<BR><BR>my db is MS ACCESS with password protection(password="54321")<BR>my website management userID=thomasz, password="678910"<BR><BR>how can I have my secure page access my database(use ASP code)?<BR>mainly I just want to <BR><BR>rs.Addnew<BR>rs("item")=request("item")<BR >rs("total")=request("total")<BR>rs.update<BR><BR> I read a lot forum regarding the remote db access in some asp <BR>website, but they don&#039t help. Can you give me a detail coding?<BR>I will be extremely appreciate.<BR>If you can give me whole detail, you are god!!!<BR>