Hello all. I&#039m trying to get SSL working on my IIS server and am having problems. FYI, my knowledge level of SSL = newbie, so if this problem is caused by a dumb mistake please be kind.<BR><BR>Anyway, I&#039ve installed the Certification Authority on my server and created a certificate. I then went into the IIS MMC console, selected Default Web Site --&#062; Directory Security --&#062; Server Certificate and proceeded to install my certificate. Then I went to a sub-folder of Default Web Site called "/secure" and again chose Directory Security --&#062; Edit and checked "Requires Secure Channel". I (mistakenly) thought this would be all required since the online help suggests everything should be running.<BR><BR>As expected, when I go to http://mydomain.com/secure/login.asp I get the error "The page must be viewed over a secure channel". Looks promising. However when I change "http://" to "https://" I get the error "The page cannot be displayed" -- the generic "site not found" error.<BR><BR>Any insights on what I&#039ve done wrong? Thanks! <BR><BR>dbc13543@netscape.net