Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039m a pretty experienced ASP programmer using VBScript, but I recently decided I &#039knew&#039 VBScript, and wanted to explore JScript in ASP as sort of a &#039springboard&#039 to Java.<BR><BR>I&#039m implementing a messageboard in JScript with threading, and it all works fine, but the finishing touch is replacing all the &#039hard returns&#039 by HTML breaks code. I worked out the regular expression (they&#039re not easy! : ) on a string, but now I can&#039t call replace on my db generated message object. I tried converting the object to a string with .toString , and .replace-ing on that, but it didn&#039t work. I get the error messages saying the object doesn&#039t support this method...<BR><BR>I&#039m kinda at the end of my rope with this. Anyone have any suggestions???<BR>By the way, I find going from VBScript to JScript a pretty good choice so far, I find JScript a lot more elegant to look at, it&#039s a strickter language (no need for OPTION EXPLICIT!), and the biggest advantages is that JSCript is a language you can use (with restrictions) client side. So while being good at VBScript is good, getting good at JSCript doesn&#039t limit your knowledge to server side stuff. Of course, I think (hope) getting used to JScript will make the transition to Java easier, but for any ASP programmer I think looking seriously at switching is a good thing..<BR><BR>Anyway, I hope someone can help me with my problem, thanks in advance!<BR><BR>Paul<BR>