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    Love the site but I am really confused mate. help!!<BR>&#062;<BR>&#062; Its like this. I need to design a website where i basically have to <BR>put<BR>&#062; the contents of a book (in rtf format) on-line and enable searching, <BR>a<BR>&#062; chatroom and so on..<BR>&#062;<BR>&#062; The problem I have is that I am gonna be working on this from<BR>&#062; home and i<BR>&#062; haven&#039t got a web server!!<BR>&#062;<BR>&#062; I&#039ve got windows 98 on my machine which is a Pentium II 450mhz.. I <BR>have<BR>&#062; also just got your book on SAMS teachyourself ASP 3.0 in 21 days.<BR>&#062;<BR>&#062; Question is guys, what web server do i need to download????<BR>&#062; PWS or IIS??<BR>

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    If you have win 98 it&#039s already on there. Go under control panel then add/remove programs then click on the windows setup tab at the top. It is in there somewhere(i think accessories, but cannot remember for sure) when you find it, check it an click ok. It will then ask you for your win 98 cd rom put it in, and that&#039s all there is to it.

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    Think the one that came before me forgot to mention it&#039s Personal Web Server you have to install. It&#039s really easy to use(the one on Windows 2000 is said to be better and looks almost exactly like IIS, but PWS will get you running)

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