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    What does this error message mean???<BR>And how can I fix it???<BR><BR>Ambiguous column name<BR><BR>I keep getting it from this code:<BR><BR>strSQL = "select tronic_categories.cat_id, cat_name, " _<BR>& "cat_uid from tronic_categories, " _<BR>& "tronic_categories_subs where " _<BR>& "tronic_categories.cat_id = tronic_categories_subs.cat_id " _<BR>& "and tronic_categories.cat_uid = " & cIDs<BR><BR>Any help is very much appreciated<BR>--Nathan

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    You&#039ve probably forgot to put the prefix of table name on a field that apears in both the tables you opened in your SQL(probably : cat_name), check if one of the fields you call does that!

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