Hi all<BR><BR>We are having problems handling transactions using com+. the <BR>following is the senario we are having. we have developed a database <BR>component which requires a transaction.<BR>so far we are using Transaction context object to controll our <BR>transactions. the problem is for the first time its not creating any <BR>transaction and while trying to commit its failing.By refreshing the <BR>ASP page the transaction object is getting created and we are able <BR>to continue.<BR>the code goes like this.<BR><BR>Set ObjCtx = server.CreateObject("TxCtx.TransactionContext")<BR >set cdata = ObjCtx.CreateInstance("PrjDataAccess.ClsDataAccess ")<BR>set objapp=ObjCtx.CreateInstance("Expeditor.Applicatio n") &#039Non <BR>transaction based object<BR>&#039other codes<BR>if Err.Number &#060;&#062; 0 then<BR>ObjCtx.Abort<BR>else<BR>ObjCtx.Commit<BR>e nd if<BR><BR>Expecting your valuable reply at the earliest<BR>Thanks & Regards<BR>Balaji<BR><BR>