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    Is there a trick to being able to append and update a Memo field using ASP and a SQL Statement?<BR>I have added a Memo field to the database, and am trying to add it to an Update statement, but I continue to get a Syntax Error.<BR>I am new to ASP, and can&#039t figure this one out, nor can I find any answers in my book.<BR><BR> Thanks for any help<BR><BR> -=Frank=-

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    Show your code, it is no different then updating a text field<BR><BR>Sql="Update Table Set MemoFieldName=&#039" & request.form("textarea") & "&#039 Where recordId=" & someIdfield or variable & ";"<BR>Yourdatabaseconnection.Execute Sql<BR>Yourdatabaseconnection.Close<BR>Set Yourdatabaseconnection=Nothing<BR><BR>Thats it<BR>

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