Sub Session_OnStart <BR> Application.Lock <BR>&#060;--------help-------------&#062; <BR>what sholden i add here <BR>&#060;------------------------&#062; <BR> customRS.AddNew <BR> customRS("USER_SESSION") = customRS("USER_SESSION") +1 <BR> &#039now_date = year(now) & "-" & month(now) & "-" & day(now) <BR> customRS("DATE") = year(now) & "-" & month(now) & "-" & day(now) <BR> customRS.Update <BR> Application.UnLock <BR> Session.TimeOut = 5 <BR>End Sub <BR><BR>I would like to insert how many ppl who browse my page into the table but the problem is i dun kno how to increment customRS("USER_SESSION") if current date is equal to last day of customRS("DATE") else customRS.AddNew <BR><BR>thx <BR><BR>I want to know how to do it so that in the SQL table I can sort the number of hits by per day instead of new entry every hit.