COM with MTS Vs. COM without MTS

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Thread: COM with MTS Vs. COM without MTS

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    Ramprasad Guest

    Default COM with MTS Vs. COM without MTS

    Hello Fellow Programmer,<BR>Can you explain in newbie&#039s terms the difference between developing and using COM Components (VB)with MTS and the same COMponents without MTS ?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Ram.

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    ADT Guest

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    COM with MTS and COM w/o MTS are 2 related yet different things. <BR>MTS is a container for com which gives additonal transactional support to COM Components. With MTS you can have your COM Comp to behave almost like DCOM ie work on it in Distributed environment. It can help you support object pooling and many other benefits. What you normally do in COM is compile the com and then register it on your server. now if the client calling this com is on another machine, you have to register ur component in that machine as well. Any change to this compo after deploying the same means registering the comp all over again in all machines. With MTS you avoid this. in MTS env, after compiling the dll, instead of registering it on the all client machines you place it under MTS. The MTS will now be responsible for interpreting calls from all clients and allocating resources effectively. Changing the compo means only refreshing the MTS Packages. I hope this answers your question.

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    Karin van Ettinger Guest

    Default RE: other advantages using MTS

    There are other advantages using MTS. If you configure the object running under the MTS-process (in a mtx.exe). <BR>- running in a MTS-process (mtx.exe) isolates the process. It has it&#039;s own resources. Otherwise it will use the IIS-resources.<BR>- you can run the components under a special user. So you can restrict the rights of the IUSR_&#060;machine&#062;. More safe!<BR>- your website will be more stable. If your component-process crashes your website will still be alive.

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