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    Malcolm@couriertracker.co Guest

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    Can anyone tell me how to write a VB6 program that will run on my WEB Server?<BR>My ISP tells me that it supports VB6 Exe files but not DLL&#039s<BR><BR>What object should I by writing to to achieve screen output?<BR><BR>e.g.<BR><BR>A simple three line module with no forms...<BR><BR>Main()<BR> response.write "Hello World"<BR>end Sub<BR><BR>produces the following error<BR><BR>Runtime error &#039 424&#039<BR>Object required<BR><BR><BR>Ultimately I want to read e-mails online and parse them into a database.

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    Brad Kingsley Guest

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    You might want to ask your web host to reconsider - DLLs are much more efficient on an NT/IIS environment.<BR><BR>-Brad Kingsley, MCP - NT, IIS4<BR>Reliable Windows NT Web Hosting<BR>ORCS Web, Inc - http://www.ORCSWeb.com<BR>

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