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    sudip Guest

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    what is the essential difference between iis and pws?

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    sameers Guest

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    IIS is used on windows NT <BR>PWs is used on window 98

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    Ashish Thakur Guest

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    IIS - is a full fledged webserver and it uses a Windows NT as the OS for operating. this is a commercial version and is designed to take in lot of other features like high traffic handling, response time per HTTP request, load balancing, server farms, FTP servers, SMTP Mail servers and a host of other features that are not available on PWS<BR><BR>PWS - is a watered down (lite) version of IIS server - the basic purpose if PWS is so that a web site can be previewed before being uploaded onto the webserver. PWS is NOT designed to be run under heavy load conditions and does not support features mentioned above.<BR><BR>hope this helps<BR>ashish thakur (ashishthakur@cyberdude.com)

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